Washington QB Carson Wentz understands why commanders stick with Taylor Heinicke: ‘I get it’

Carson Wentz is not happy about it, but he understands why the Washington Commanders don’t want to bring him back as a starting player after his finger injury.

The commanders officially chose to stay with backup Taylor Heinicke. Wentz returned to training on Wednesday, which was his first action since breaking a finger on his right hand on Oct. 13, though he will be Heinicke’s backup when he is officially back in action.

Wentz will still be inactive for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

“I get it,” Wentz said on Wednesday. “It’s part of the business. I understand where we are as a team. Obviously as a competitor you want to be there; I’d be lying to you. You come to work, you want to play, it’s what you sign up for.” in front of.

“At the same time, I have a great relationship with Taylor and all the guys. I’m happy to see him succeed and what he’s been able to do. I’ll do what I can to help and support him and be a part of this and stay ready , because this competition is crazy and things happen.”

Heinicke looks solid since he took over in Washington.

He has won four of their last five games, and last week. He went 15-of-27 for 191 yards in that victory for Washington, which has now won five of its last six games.

“It means a lot. I’ve worked so hard for this opportunity,” said Heinicke. “It’s a dream come true. Every week I approach it like it’s my last week of play, and just try to have fun with it…I’ve dreamed of this all my life, so to see it come true kind of circle with over the past two or three years with what I’ve been through, it’s been a blessing. I just want to keep working hard and keep this thing going.”

While it is clear that keeping Heinicke in from the Commanders is a good move since they are winning, the decision puts Wentz’s future in doubt. The Commanders traded for Wentz this past offseason with the full intention of him becoming their starting quarterback.

Still, it’s a waste of his time to worry about what’s to come in his playing career, Wentz said.

“I try not to play all those games in my head because you can drive yourself crazy,” he said. “You start thinking about the big picture — what’s the next desire, you think about careers, you think about all these things. I’m trying to hone it back in and say just be present, be positive. Next week will be for take care of itself. I’m not trying to play all that stuff in my head, just be ready for what’s to come.”

Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz

The Commanders have won four of their last five games with Taylor Heinicke, who will continue as their starting quarterback in place of Carson Wentz, even if he is active again after his finger injury. (AP/Chris Szagola)

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