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Well, we made it to week 11 and that means the fantasy trading season is coming to an end. I hope you got some wins and prepared your teams for success. We still have some time left before the deadline – which is Saturday in most Yahoo competitions – so make sure you get those trade requests. We had some big injuries in week 10 and many teams are looking for replacements. The tight finishing position is even worse than all season and the loss of Cooper Kupp will hurt several winning teams. The season is not over yet, a lot can still change.

For those of you unfamiliar with my trading advice methodology, you can go deeper into the process if you are interested. This is the last week for my trade piece on Yahoo this season, so I’m also including a link to my updated trade value table, which will have additional players to consider acquiring, trading, or holding.

Basically, we want to focus on market differentials and key players that I think are overvalued or undervalued with room for returns. With that context, let’s see what to do with four intriguing players.

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Trade for Joe Mixon

Mixon is coming off his bye and five touchdown performance. He is the definition of a buy high, but also feels like a player who could actually get into a deal. Many managers seem to be chasing him over the past year and his week 9 performance affects his overall season ranking. But he’s still the protagonist of a solid attack that shows they’ll be stressing him out. He is a great asset to your team.

Trade D’Onta Foreman

Foreman played against Atlanta again last week and had another great week. Sadly, he won’t be playing in Atlanta again this season and we’ve probably seen his best games. The market values ​​Foreman as a closed RB2 rest of the season and he is more of a flex level player going forward. He’s committed a major offense and will likely split work with Chubba Hubbard as he continues to get healthy. The goal would be to pack Foreman and a piece to consolidate depth into a better starter.

D'Onta Foreman's best fantasy games may have already been played this season.  (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

D’Onta Foreman’s best fantasy games may have already been played this season. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Trade Raheem Mostert

I may be a week too late to propose trading Mostert. Jeff Wilson Jr. played another great game and looks to account for most of the backfield work. But we can still sell Mostert relatively high based on a solid week 10 performance. It seems possible that both Mostert and Wilson will be relevant in a high-quality bout in Miami going forward. This is not a “must-sell” suggestion. More of a league temperature check to see if anyone still rates Mostert as THE guy in Miami. My goal again is to pack Mostert into a 2-for-1 to upgrade a starter.

Exchange for Allen Lazard

Christian Watson took off in Week 10 for 107 yards and three touchdowns, while Lazard had an unimpressive day. I bet the Lazard manager might freak out a bit and be willing to sell Lazard below its value. He’s a solid flex player you might get for a bench signing. Watson could be ascendant, but it’s still entirely possible for Lazard to stay fantasy relevant.

None of these players are must-buys or must-sells. These are just guys who are probably misrated in your league. We look for opportunities to gain value and exploit market perception. Trading is an art and the best part of fantasy football.

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Alex, better known as ‘PeakedInHighSkool’, spends most of his free time building tools to help league managers. His long-running “Reddit Adjusted Trade Value Charts” series has helped him establish his niche in the industry. Alex works full time as an engineer and is absolutely exhausting to talk to at parties as all he talks about is fantasy football, CrossFit and brewing beer. He can follow him on Twitter @PeakedInHS_FF or on Reddit as u/PeakedInHighSkool.

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