The 15 Best Star Wars Gifts 2022

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You’ve just entered a galaxy of Star Wars gifts for fans of all ages – and they’re all on sale! (Photos: Amazon, Walmart)

“The Skywalker Saga” may be finished, but Star Wars lives on thanks to Disney+ shows like Andor, The Mandalorian and The bad party. It also lives on in the hearts and minds of your young Jedi-in-training, your teenage collector, and your partner who has been a fan since ’77 – especially during gift season.

Quick overview

  • For your Rey of light

    Funko POP Star Wars: Rey

    $15$17Save $2

  • For the interactive fan

    Star Wars L0-LA59 (Lola) Animatronic Edition

    $57$90Save $33

  • For the Chewy superfan

    Chewbacca Life Day plush, 20 inches

    $22$27Save $5

  • For the caregiver

    Star Wars plush Grogu

    $17$25Save $8

  • For the vintage fan

    Amazon Essentials Star Wars T-Shirts, Pack of 2

    $24$26Save $1

  • For the dreamer

    3D Illusion Star Wars night light for kids

    $16$23Save $7

  • For the creator

    Lego Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter

    $48$60Save $12

  • For the methodical builder

    Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet

    $64$80Save $16

  • For the historian

    Star Wars: Year By Year, New Edition

    $34$40Save $6

  • For the chef in your crew

    Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook: official holiday recipes from a galaxy far, far away

    $12$25Save $12

  • For the breakfast champion

    Star Wars Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

    $60$86Save $26

  • For the dueling duo

    Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition Miniature Game

    $31$48Save $17

  • For the dark, mysterious traveler

    Full Star Wars Darth Vader Embossed Hardside carry-on luggage

    $135$300Save $165

  • For the lords and masters

    Star Wars, The Black Series: Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe lightsaber

    $182$200Save $18

  • For every type of viewer

    Disney+ Basic Membership (for Star Wars and more!)


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As the wise Yoda once said, “Always pass on what you have learned.” Well, we’ve discovered some awesome deals we’d like to share on fan favorite gifts for the SW geeks in your life to hold, build, wear and play. (Of course, don’t forget to wrap them all in themed paper, like this cool three-roll pack for $17!)

May the force be with you… during this holiday shopping season and beyond.

For your Rey of light


Funko Pops are currently extremely popular with kids, teens and adults alike — mainly Star Wars Funko Pops. “Another beautiful addition to my collection,” wrote one happy shopper. “The figure is well made and the color of the lightsaber contrasts well with my other Pop figures. Would definitely recommend for collectors and Star Wars fans, especially if you like the Sequels.”

Also do not miss dark Rey, who has a five-star fan base of over 2,600 Amazon reviewers!

Known as Lola, this little 6-inch buddy keeps the game interesting with over 45 combinations of moves, sounds and lights and three game modes! And Lola’s range of facial expressions is sure to delight any child. Comes with two stands and lots of looks.

Finally, they can celebrate Wookiee culture and values ​​and galactic harmony with their favorite copilot. This plush toy is newly discounted on the Disney site and we don’t expect it to last long.

Standing at 11 inches, “The Child”, aka Grogu, from Disney+’s The Mandalorian has a sturdy base (making it an excellent table companion) and a plush body for impromptu cuddle breaks. Those adorable eyes and ears have the power to melt hearts.

One fan has a confession: “Soooo cute. Gave it to my grandchild, but… I love The Child. I love it!”

You don’t have to put on a costume to let people know you’re a Star Wars fan; a T-shirt can do the job just fine. These brightly colored tops are comfortable and affordable. There are three femme sets, with different designs ranging from Baby Yoda to an old-school depiction of the original Star Wars cast. Also numerous men’s and children’s styles.

One happy shopper wrote, “These were better than I imagined! The quality of the fabric is good, they are soft and what I liked the most is that they fit a woman’s body quite well! This means that they fit my curves very well and don’t stretch on the chest or hang super loose on my stomach. Highly recommended!”

Light up their nights with this holographic wonder that is fun and functional. Change the brightness level, the three characters and the 16 colors with ease!

A 5-star reviewer wrote, “Bought this as a gift for our nephew who loves Star Wars. He absolutely loved it! You get all 3 forms. It comes with a remote control and runs on USB and batteries! You can also control it by touch!” Another added that her 10-year-old grandson “loves it” and “brings it to my house when I spend the night.”

When you talk about ‘building’ and ‘Star Wars’, of course one brand comes to mind: Lego. This iconic kit, which allows builders to assemble the Mandalorians N-1 Starfighter, will satisfy fans of all ages. Play continues even after construction, thanks to the charming minifigures of the Mandalorian, Peli Motto, Grogu and a BD droid. With 412 parts, it’s a fun mid-range challenge, and the finished 15-inch model looks great on a shelf when not in use.

One fan commented that the “beautiful… N-1 Starfighter exceeded my expectations. … Bigger than I thought and it looks great from every angle.”

Teens and adults looking for more of a challenge will find it in this 834-piece replica of Darth Vader’s helmet. It takes a few hours to put together, and then you’ll have a great desk talking point. Lego also makes kits with other bad guys like a Stormtrooper and the infamous Boba Fett, but Vader really is the most intimidating, don’t you think?

A customer says: “My husband started a collection of Star Wars busts for his desk and this was another great addition. It’s a very sturdy build and with kids it took him three nights to build. I’ll be sure to share the rest to buy! “

It is definitely a product for all ages; this woman bought it for her retired sister: “She […] loves to build LEGO. She has so many, and it’s a great hobby for her that she enjoys.”

Whether you’re nostalgic for the old days or just want to know what’s really going on with Star Wars, this 384-page hardback book (DK, 2021) takes you through the franchise year after year. from the original movie in 1977 to the shows now running on Disney+. It even fits in the various toy and tie books, which should make planning future gifts a breeze!

Shoppers have given this bestseller an overall rating of 4.9 stars on Amazon. One enthusiastic gift giver wrote, “Bought this for my 23 year old grandson who is a certified Star Wars nerd and he LOVES it! It should have been the last gift he unwrapped as he couldn’t/wouldn’t put it down.” LOL. The book is so well done. I love SW too and wanted to keep it to myself. Maybe he’ll lend it to me.”

Pop culture tie-in cookbooks used to be really cheesy, and not in the dairy way. These days they’ve gotten a whole lot better, with food that’s both fit for the universe and something you’d actually want to eat. So why not celebrate the one-of-a-kind Star Wars holiday of “Life Day” that’s packed with delicious recipes to match your own winter celebration? If someone in your life loves Star Wars as well as cooking, they’ll love trying out recipes like “Bantha Milk Hot Chocolate” and “Bantha Surprise.”

For the breakfast champion


Waffles made in this maker look so great they might hesitate to eat them – for a millisecond. Too good. The waffle irons’ weighted top, temperature control, and foolproof indicator light mean they come out great every time.

This miniature game is based on the iconic starfighter that Luke Skywalker pilots in the original trilogy of movies. The pieces look great and the gameplay is pretty easy to pick up – and it can be played in just 45 minutes! It’s a great thing to do when you’re taking a break from a Star Wars family marathon.

Board game veterans love this game: “I’ve played many different table games and this one is my new favourite. The movement system is innovative, easy to learn and brings immense depth to the game.” And newcomers can join in because “it’s really easy to learn the basic rules, and even beginners can appreciate watching competitive games after reading the remarkably short rulebook. Overall, X-Wing is now one of my favorite games of all time.”

For the dark, mysterious traveler

from Kohl

They can travel to the dark side in style with this high-quality, durable carry-on. It is easy to handle thanks to wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees and a flawless telescopic handle.

One parent wrote: “Lovely quality handbag. … Exterior is gloss black. The handle is silicone grippy. There are several zippered pockets inside. A little jealous that my kids get to use it!” While another happy customer reported, “My husband loves this. Great thing! So glad we got one and we can now hum the Star Wars theme song when we travel!:

For a fun twist on this, check out the R2D2 version!

Shopping for someone who’s seen every movie, read every book, and pretends to move things with his mind? This replica of Kylo Ren, turned hero and become a hero again, is gorgeous, true-to-life and absolute not for children. The handle is made of real metal and the long blade is thin and crisp: perfect for a costume, a comic book convention, or even a Jedi wedding.

This blown away fan added a video demo: “It’s super cool in person! It subtly emulates the instability of Kylo’s lightsaber in the movies, and when you ‘fire’ it, the main blade is first and the crossguard blade on a slight delay. It’s so heavy that it feels believable.

For every type of viewer


Disney+ Basic Membership (for Star Wars and more!)

What Star Wars fans especially want is unlimited access to their favorite movies and shows. With a standard Disney+ account, it’s theirs – and that includes Disney, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic! With a Premium upgrade, they have ad-free access plus free downloads for shows on the go.

$8 at Disney

Whether they’re in the mood for the acclaimed new spy thriller series Andor or take a deep dive into any movie, a Disney+ membership will take them there. There are currently no free trials for Disney+, but Verizon customers in the US who sign up for an unlimited plan can get 6 months of Disney+ for free! Otherwise, just click here and enter the wonderful world of Disney+.

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