Simple resistance band exercises for a fitter body after 30

Remember when you were in your 20s when you could effortlessly run five miles or touch a barbell and your muscles would explode? Then you turned 30 and suddenly you had to work extra hard to maintain your basic condition. Don’t feel bad though. It’s totally normal to struggle to maintain a slim body after your thirties, as responsibilities and obligations tend to increase exponentially as you get older. Despite the seemingly never-ending demands on our time, getting in shape is more than doable and doesn’t require heavy steel plates, dumbbells, or countless hours in the gym. We’ve rounded up some easy resistance band exercises for a fitter body after 30, so listen up.

Resistance bands can improve your fitness and increase your strength after 30 years. With this lightweight, portable training device you can do effective, time-saving workouts anywhere, anytime. Plus, resistance bands are gentle on the joints, an essential consideration as you age. According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that resistance band exercises effectively treated patients with degenerative knee arthritis.

To help you shape the physique of your dreams, we talked to Nicole Davis, CPT, a certified personal trainer with Garage Gym Reviews, who shares her top five effective resistance band exercises for a fitter body after 30. Keep reading to learn what they are so you can drop the barbells and stop the wear and tear on your joints. And when you’re ready, be sure to check out 5 Resistance Band Exercises to Get Stronger as You Age.


Striped thrusters

fit man demonstrating resistance band workout for weight loss

fit man demonstrating resistance band workout for weight loss

First up are striped thrusters. Resistance bands have an edge over free weights in this exercise because they’re easier on your knees, lower back, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Using bands instead of barbells is also safer for beginners to learn proper form and technique while getting more volume (reps) to build muscle mass.

“You need a big loop band for this move, which will work both the upper and lower body, plus your strength and explosiveness,” Davis explains. “To perform a thruster, place your feet on top of the band shoulder-width apart, grab the other end with your hands and get into a front stretch position. Then crouch down and explode back up, holding the band above your head until your arms are fully extended.”

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Tire rows

resistance band rows

resistance band rows

Row, row, row your way to a fitter post-30 body with striped rows. The best part is that rows have different variations you can perform, all of which strengthen your back muscles, strengthen your biceps and help improve your posture.

To get started, Davis says, “You can perform this move with a loop band or a resistance band with handles. In either version, you step on the center of the band with two feet and grab the handles with each hand. Then, hinge on hips 45 degrees, then pull your elbows back and keep your arms close to your body throughout the movement.”


Shoulder pressing

resistance band shoulder press

resistance band shoulder press

The next step is the classic shoulder press. This exercise works the deltoid muscles of the shoulder just like free weights, except it’s easier on your shoulders (fun fact: shoulder injuries account for 36 percent of gym-related injuries). Plus, resistance bands increase “time under tension” and activate your stabilizer muscles for optimal muscle growth because you’re constantly working against the band’s resistance.

“[The] shoulder press is a super-functional move, meaning it mimics many everyday activities, like putting something on a high shelf,” says Davis. your other hand. Raise the handle to shoulder height, then push up until your arm is fully extended. Slowly lower back down in a controlled motion.”

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Wood chops

resistance band chop exercises for a fitter body after 30

resistance band chop exercises for a fitter body after 30

Another excellent band exercise, the wood chop will give your core a serious workout while strengthening your upper body.

To start, Davis says, “Use a loop resistance band for this move, as they are great for core strength, which is important for many things, such as improving your balance. To perform, step on one end of the band close to an edge, then grab the other end across your body. Then, starting at hip height, pull up and across your torso, keeping your arms straight and ending at your head.”



deadlifts with resistance bands

deadlifts with resistance bands

The last of these exercises for a fitter body after 30 is the deadlift. When you hear deadlifts, you might think of massive weightlifters performing this compound move with several hundred pounds on a barbell. However, resistance bands are also an effective way to use the deadlift to build lean muscle, increase overall strength, and set your form and technique for barbell deadlifts to prevent injury.

“The mighty deadlift is one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen your posterior chain,” says Davis. “Using a resistance band with a large loop, step on the band with both feet shoulder-width apart and hold the top of the band with both hands. Then, hinge at the hips as if you were reclining in a chair, holding the back straight, until your hands reach about halfway up the shin, then stand up to return to start.

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