Richard Fierro disarmed the Club Q shooter. Now people are supporting the army veteran and his wife’s brewery by buying merchandise and gift cards

Richard and Jess Fierro own Atrevida Beer Co.  (Photo: Atrevida Beer/Instagram)

Richard and Jess Fierro own Atrevida Beer Co. (Photo: Atrevida Beer/Instagram)

A retired army veteran and brewery owner helped bring down the Club Q gunman. Now the internet is showing up to support him and his family.

On Saturday, Richard Fierro rallied to disarm a gunman who opened fire at Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colo. Fierro was watching a drag show with his wife, daughter and friends at the club when the attack began.

Eighteen people were injured and five killed in the November 19 shooting. The victims have since been identified as Daniel Aston, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh, Derrick Rump and Raymond Green Vance. Vance was the old boyfriend of Fierro’s daughter Kassy.

As Fierro’s wife, Jessica, and daughter mourn and recover from their own injuries, those in awe of the army vet’s bravery take to the web to show his family some love.

The Fierros own Atrevida Beer Co. in Colorado City, leaving Jessica – who once won Viceland’s homebrew contest – beer country — both the head brewer and the first woman and Latina to own a brewery in Colorado. Atrevida, which means “bold, bold, bold woman” according to the brewery’s site, is committed to inclusivity, as evidenced by the company’s motto (“Diversity, it’s on tap!”) and donations to various charitable organizations. In 2018, the brewery released a “Big Red Soda” for charity in honor of Juneteenth. In addition to craft beer, the brewery sells gift cards and merchandise such as T-shirts and skull mugs — all of which have been snapped up by Fierro’s supporters since Saturday’s tragic shooting.

“Let’s thank the hero who took down the Club Q shooter, Richard Fierro,” read one of many tweets urging others to shop at Atrevida.

“The gay community (and all decent creatures) should thank this man for his heroism,” another Twitter user shared.

Spanish chef José Andrés showed his gratitude for Fierro’s act of courage by tweeting a message of support.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris, also noted on Instagram that the brewery’s “great merchandise” would make “the perfect holiday gift for any beer lover.”

Billie Jean King took over the comments to praise Fierro and the family business.

“Hero. Sending love and support to Richard. What a truly beautiful place,” she wrote.

Others shared their plans to make the trip to personally support the brewery.

“I’m going to drive over to visit, have a drink and pick up some merchandise! Thank you!” wrote a user.

“Awesome: I’m going to Colorado Springs next weekend and absolutely going to this brewery!!” shared another.

Despite the many messages of support, the Fierro family is still in a lot of pain. Jessica shared a Facebook post about the incident on Monday.

“No one. NO ONE should ever witness this kind of carnage,” she wrote. “We go through a lot of emotions as a family and as a brewery. The loss of life and injuries is in our hearts. We are devastated and torn. We love and stand behind our #lgbtq community. These cowardly and despicable act of hate has no place in our lives or business. F*** HATE. It has drawn but not broken us and our community. Much love to all.”

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