Players in Saban, Alabama discuss the magnitude of Iron Bowl

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The last Saturday in November is reserved for college football rivalry games.

One of the most storied rivalries, Alabama and Auburn’s annual in-state matchup is arguably one of the best in the sport. The teams have played 86 times, dating back to 1893, with games played statewide, including in Montgomery and Birmingham, while in recent years the rivalry has been played in Tuscaloosa and Auburn.

The game’s history and implications of bragging rights have made the game a must-watch. On Monday, Will Anderson discussed the importance of the rivalry and winning that final game of the season against Auburn.

“Since I’ve been here as a freshman, even during the COVID season and everything, it’s like one of the biggest games,” Anderson said. “It’s one of those games that people… it means something. Coach Saban always says you’re remembered for what you do in this game. No fan will remember any other game you play in. They’ll remember the Auburn game This means a lot to the people of this town and it should mean a lot to you.”

With both teams battling to beat the other, this has led to some incredible college football games that are etched in the memories of college football fans. There’s “The Kick Six” in 2013 to “The Cam-Back” in 2010. And who can forget “The Drive” led by Greg McElroy on the Plains in 2009?

Young reenacted his own rendition of “The Drive” last season as he led Alabama to a four-way victory in overtime at Jordan-Hare Stadium in 2021. The quarterback’s two-point conversion pass to John Metchie tied the duo with Kool-Aid Mckinstry and Ja’ Corey Brooks in Iron Bowl lore for their performances.

If there’s one thing the players of this game understand, play well and you’ll be remembered forever.

“It’s a big game for us and for me individually,” said Young. “I understand and I don’t shy away from that; it’s a huge game, a big rivalry game; it means a lot. I understand that. But with that I also understand my responsibility to do what I have to do during the match.” game, before the game, to put myself in the best situation I can to put our team in the best situation, us in the best situation as a team, to be successful.”

Alabama head coach Nick Saban sports a 10-5 record against Auburn. While this year’s game may not have the playoff implications or conference championship aspirations that normally come with this game, the 16-year-old coach noted that the matchup will still be as dramatic as it was in In recent years.

“This is one of the biggest rivalry games in college football,” said Saban. “Almost every team in rivalry games is part of their legacy in terms of how they did in the rivalry game. And this is one of the biggest, and it means a lot to a lot of people in our state. It means a lot to us, our players and our fans, and we will do our best to prepare for this game.”

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