Pink on how experiencing pain and loss helped her make her best album to date

Pink says her upcoming ninth studio album “TRUSTFALL” may be the best album she’s ever made.

During an interview with “Good Morning America” ​​that aired Friday, the award-winning singer said the highly anticipated project, due out February 17, is also probably one of the “most fun” albums she’s made.

“It’s very, very true to what I believe and where I am and what I feel and what I think a lot of people feel,” she said.

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Along with the release of the album, Pink is also heading for a 2023 Summer Carnival tour in the US and Canada. She will be joined on the tour by a talented lineup of artists including Brandi Carlile, Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo, Grouplove and KidCutUp.

“It’s going to be great,” she said. “I’ve got new music to play with, and that just gets me so excited — and I’m going to learn skills and things I’ve never done before.”

While speaking to “GMA” about the upcoming tour and album, the singer also discussed her intense commitment to prioritizing her family, how her relationship with music has evolved, the impact she hopes her music has and more.

Writing ‘TRUSTFALL’ during the COVID-19 pandemic

The singer’s forthcoming album is personal to her for many reasons, she said.

One of the main reasons she thinks it’s one of her best yet is because of the time she spent making it.

“I took my time. I had the time and a lot of really devastating things happened,” she said. “My son and I got very sick with COVID. That distilled to me what really matters. And that takes a crisis.”

She continued, “Your kids have to get sick of saying, ‘Okay, none of this matters. I want to see my kids grow up. That’s what I want.’ I just want to put the truth into the world. I just want to be authentic. And I want to be kinder and a better person.”

In addition to battling COVID in early 2020 alongside her son Jameson, who is now 5 years old, the singer also experienced the tragic loss of her father Jim Moore in 2021.

She said the loss reminded her that we all have “a certain amount of time left”, which she incorporated into her album.

“I’ve just started making music and making — speaking in melody,” she said. “And it came together.”

Pink said she’s seen how her music can bring people together and she hopes to do the same with the new album.

“My album is a piece of me, and I think I’m an example of how to live authentically and fearlessly in certain ways,” she shared. “And if you watch my show… I’m a traveling artist, that’s what I do. We’re a traveling city, we’re diverse, inclusive, we’re a model of what can work.”

“We pray to different gods, we have different skin tones, we believe in all kinds of different things — you name it, go through the list of differences,” she continued. “We love each other, we disagree, we stick together, and we show each other our different cultures.”

Spreading “authentic pleasure” with her sound

If the lead single from her forthcoming album, “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” released earlier this month, is any indication of the tone of the rest of the album, the singer’s fans are in for a dance-filled epic celebration of her artistry. .

The vibrant song is all about celebrating life and, according to the singer, “wasting no time”.

“The song is about [how] all I want to do is find joy,” she said. ‘I don’t want to worry anymore. You can take all I have, but you can’t take away my joy.”

She added: “I will never get into a situation… where I don’t say how I really feel and say ‘I love you’ when I want to, and hug when I want to, and smile when I do need to, and cry when I have to and dance when I have to. I just want to find authentic joy.”

Pink said the song came from her desire to spread the message that one should not let their fears, insecurities or inhibitions hold them back from anything in life.

“All the chances we don’t take in our lives and all the time we waste and the memories we give up because we live in our heads,” she began. “A lot of this record is – darn it. I’m not going to live in my head, I’m going to live in my heart and my body, because I’m not going to be here forever.”

Despite the song’s message, Pink is the first to admit that she still struggles with insecurities at times: “When people think of me, it’s so man-eating, loud, snarling – ‘PINKerbelle’ flies through the air, screaming, right? But there’s the deep cuts — there’s the other things going on.

Growing up, she said she started embracing the times when she struggled with insecurities, rather than missing out on opportunities to experience life because of her fears.

Pink said she also feels like she’s “calmer” now when it comes to expressing herself through music.

“I used to think you have to shout to be heard, and in some ways in my life that was true,” she explained. “But I’ve always been interested in what silent strength looks like, and when you have self-respect and you figure out how to love yourself and why you should love yourself, you don’t have to yell all the time. Because you just say it once, and that person has a choice to listen or not, but that doesn’t change your lane.”

Keeping her family at the center of everything

The hitmaker said she has a “very dependent” relationship with her two children, Willow, 11, and Jameson, with husband Carey Hart.

“They are the loves of my life,” she said of her children.

Speaking about how they affect her creative process, Pink further explained: “I’m a person whose life’s work is to find words for my feelings and then make them sound as authentic and raw as possible – and they just make for more feelings.”

“I mean, I’m running my tour around Willow’s theater production,” she continued. “Our lives are very extraordinary and complicated and they just keep me present and attached to my heart every day…they sort of tie me back down to earth.”

While Pink’s fans have heard Willow sing on their 2021 single “Cover Me in Sunshine,” Pink said her daughter probably isn’t following the same path as an artist.

“She doesn’t want to be a singer,” Pink said, explaining that her young daughter hasn’t decided what she wants to be yet.

“I want her to be an attorney for the ACLU personally, so I’m kind of – you know, just – planting seeds like, ‘You should be an attorney for the ACLU so you can bail your brother. pay’. also outside,” she added with a laugh.

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