North Korea launches test missile with range to hit United States

LONDON — North Korea has fired one of the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles it has ever launched, the latest of which has the potential to hit the mainland United States.

North Korea, which has launched at least 88 ballistic and other missiles this year, has fired an ICBM that can travel 15,000 kilometers or longer, bringing mainland US within range, according to Japan’s defense minister.

Both the United States and South Korean militaries are analyzing the data, but North Korea’s latest launch — and the second this month — involved a missile that traveled a distance of 1,000 kilometers, Japanese and South Korean officials said. Korean officials.

The missile had an altitude of 3,700 miles and flew for 69 minutes before touching down about 210 miles from Hokkaido in northern Japan, authorities confirmed.

The commander of the 35th Fighter Wing at Misawa Air Base in northern Japan ordered everyone, including service personnel and personnel, at the base to take cover for 23 minutes after the missile launch.

PHOTO: TOPSHOT - A man watches a television showing a news broadcast featuring file footage of a North Korean missile test at a train station in Seoul on Nov. 18, 2022.

TOPSHOT – A man watches a television showing a newscast showing file footage of a North Korean missile test, at a train station in Seoul on Nov. 18, 2022. – A suspected intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Korea on Friday is believed to have been cases in Japan’s exclusive economic waters, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said.

Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images

“At this time, there are no additional indications or warnings of an imminent threat to Misawa Air Base,” said Commander Michael Richard, who issued a precautionary cover order at 10:33 a.m.

President Joe Biden was briefed on the situation and will continue close consultations with allies, according to a statement released overnight by the White House.

“This behavior by North Korea, recently, is a brutal violation of several UN security resolutions. It destabilizes security in the region and unnecessarily heightens tensions,” said Vice President Kamala Harris, who leads the Asia-Pacific Cooperative Forum in Bangkok. (APEC) attends. . “We strongly condemn these actions and we again call on North Korea to halt any further unlawful, destabilizing actions. On behalf of the United States, I reaffirm our unwavering commitment to our Indo-Pacific alliances. Together, the nations represented here will continue to press North Korea commits itself to serious and enduring diplomacy.”

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