Mike Tomlin is doing another admirable job with the Steelers, even on the cusp of his first losing record

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t exactly captured the attention of the NFL viewing public this year, and with good reason. They’re not very good or very exciting to watch. However, it’s important to point out: Mike Tomlin? He is doing it again.

This team had questions about a litany of offensive positions, including quarterback and offensive line, and the defense has fallen short of the Steelers standard in recent seasons. Still, they sit at 6-8 after a win against the Carolina Panthers and Tomlin once again has this team surpass the sum of its parts. Tomlin isn’t a perfect coach, and his streak of 15 consecutive seasons without a losing record to begin his head coaching career is likely to come to an end, but he’s once again showing that he can pull off a solid season out of just about any group of players. around him.

Mitchell Trubisky and Kenny Pickett were dueling for the starting quarterback position, and it was reasonable to expect the Steelers to bottom out this season. But somehow they are two games away from wild card contention with three weeks left in the season. It would be pretty hard to get there considering they’re supposed to win, but it’s worth marveling at the work Tomlin has done in objectively difficult conditions. This is by no means a Super Bowl contender or even a particularly good team, but they have that Tomlin trademark that they can get enough wins to call it a quality season.

The Steelers must win to avoid Mike Tomlin's first losing season in his 16th year in charge.  That doesn't mean he's done badly this year.  (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Steelers must win to keep Mike Tomlin from losing for the first time in his 16th year as leader. That doesn’t mean he’s done badly this year. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Other than two blowout losses to the Bills and Eagles, the Steelers have played in every game they’ve played this year. That’s with lots of moving pieces and roster management on the way. Pickett and Trubisky have played musical chairs as quarterbacks. Rookie wide receiver George Pickens has taken on a bigger role following their trade from Chase Claypool to the Bears. Reigning Defensive Player of the Year TJ Watt missed much of the season as he recovered from a torn pectoral muscle. There’s been a lot of adversity for this particular Steelers team to fight their way through, but they always fight. Tomlin has always been one of the most respected coaches in the league and it’s seasons like this that continue to cement his legacy among the all-time greats.

If we can get a productive season out of this group, it will change the scope of what this Steelers rebuild could look like. It’s a brand new era for players to move beyond the Ben Roethliserger years and forge a new version of the Steeler brand. Tomlin has continued to demonstrate his value and versatility as a coach by keeping this franchise competitive and relevant. In a league where offensive coaches are often the coaching prospects of choice for young quarterbacks, the success of a man with a defensive background like Tomlin will keep him in the game for another year. Strong head-to-toe stability in an organization is valuable, and that can be just as beneficial to a quarterback as it is to any offensive spirit.

Tomlin has been Pittsburgh’s head coach since 2007 and has still not reached 100 career losses, with a career record of 160-93-2. The Steelers have flown under the radar this season, but their main man has pointed the franchise in the right direction again.

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