Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev say acting and getting into the wine business are “not that far away.”

While you probably know Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough from their extensive acting and acting careers in “The Vampire Diaries” and “Dancing With the Stars,” respectively, the actresses landed a new role when they teamed up to start their own wine company — a career move. which, according to Hough, is “not that far off” from their previous work.

“Entrepreneurs and leaders… don’t necessarily execute every task, but they have vision and they find the people to execute it,” Hough said during the “UnWrapped” Podcast: From the Big Screen to Business Owners on TheWrap’s Power Women Summit hosted by Emily Vogel and Andi Ortiz of TheWrap. “As far as we move into a new profession, it’s not that far off, because we’re creators… I’ve turned many directions in my career, but there’s always a through line of faith, purpose, intent and vision. ”

For Dobrev and Hough, Fresh Vine wine, a gluten-free, low-sugar wine to “compliment an active lifestyle,” was an opportunity to take control of their careers and let their product “speak for itself.”

“The minute you start saying, ‘I want them to take us seriously,’ you’re in for the wrong reason,” Hough said. “We just want to create something great and do it really, really well, and then let it speak for itself, and I think that was our approach from the beginning.”

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Though Dobrev and Hough went back and forth for years on the idea of ​​starting their own businesses, Dobrev says the urge to start came as the women transformed from “young spring chicken” to “more action ahead than [they] was”, which encouraged them to fill in the gaps of what they saw in the market.

“The original idea came from a lack of something we wanted to make because we wanted it for ourselves,” Dobrev said, adding that the hangover of sugary wines would prevent her and others from pursuing a consistent, healthy lifestyle.

“It made it much harder to get to the gym or to motivate to go to the gym when your head is pounding from drinking so much,” she continued. “So we wanted to create… a better experience for you while still allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life.”

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Additional episode highlights

  • Dobrev and Hough give their best estimate of how much wine was consumed during the company’s founding

  • Dobrev explains why the pair soft-launched the company without their names attached

  • Dobrev and Hough show how they prioritized health while remaining a luxury, premium brand

  • Dobrev and Hough explain how TikTok videos help them get to know their consumer better

  • Dobrev breaks down their wine club and why they chose to pursue a subscription model

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