‘I never get naked, that’s how much it matters to me’

Alicia Silverstone is showing the world how much she cares about animal rights by posing nude for PETA’s new campaign.

“I never, ever, go naked on TV, in film, nothing, never, no — but I did it for PETA because that’s the most important thing to me,” says 46-year-old Silverstone in PEOPLE’s first look at an exclusive video interview in which she explains the devastating effects of leather on the planet.

“The amount of resources, water, food, oil for transportation, the amount of energy that goes into making leather is extraordinary. It’s just not sustainable. The earth can’t handle it,” she insists.

Known for her pioneering work to protect animals, the organization’s new “Prickly” ad features the actress in a desert, dressed only in cowboy boots in a cactus patch.

“DO NOT BE A PAD,” the ad reads. “Wear vegan. Buy cactus, mushroom, or apple leather instead!”

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Alice Silverstone

Alice Silverstone


For years, the Ignorant star, who became a vegan in 1999, has used her platform to speak out about animal rights. While the ad uses humor with its choice of words, Silverstone’s expression shows how serious she is, looking straight into the camera while covering her genitals.

“My dream is to get my hands on these vegan, eco-friendly materials from famous designers,” she continues in the video, which shows behind-the-scenes footage from her shoot. “I’d rather go naked than carry animals,” the San Francisco native reiterates, donning a pretty blush robe outside for the shoot.

PETA says they will launch their new Silverstone ad campaign on a billboard in Times Square ahead of the New Year’s Eve ball show.

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This isn’t the first time Silverstone has given up everything in the name of the ethical treatment of animals, as she also appeared naked for the nonprofit’s ads in 2020.

On scene, a child’s mother is seen emerging naked from a swimming pool as she mentions the positives of banning meat from your diet.

Silverstone admitted that she hasn’t always been so healthy. “I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals,” she said in a statement at the time. “Physically, the effect was astonishing.”

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Earlier this year, the outspoken animal lover was also featured in PETA’s “Good as Hell” campaign with her son, Bear Blu, 11.

PETA shared the campaign video of Grammy winner Lizzo’s 2016 hit exclusively with PEOPLE in July. The video urges people to stop consuming animal products and follow a vegan diet instead.

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Silverstone wore a shirt that read “GO Vegan,” while her son Bear stood next to her in a black shirt with a red stop sign that read white: “STOP eating animals.”

To spread the message further, Silverstone shared a photo of her and Bear kissing a live turkey on Thanksgiving in an effort to get America to reconsider their food choices on the annual “Turkey Day,” as many refer to it. “Hope everyone has a meaningful holiday,” she wrote, letting the photo speak for itself.

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