Erin Napier responds to pregnancy speculation: ‘I’m not expecting’

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Erin Napier confirms she is not pregnant after fan speculation. (Photo: Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

Erin Napier sets the record straight.

On Monday, the HGTV star, 37, took to her Instagram Stories to confirm she’s not pregnant, citing that fans began speculating she was pregnant after she refused to drink coffee on the latest episode of Hometownwhich she hosts with her husband, Ben Napier.

“Re: last night’s episode, I’m not expecting it, I just don’t drink coffee,” the mother-of-two wrote. “I won’t expect it. You don’t have to Google thinking we’re dropping cryptic hints. There are no hints. Our family is complete. It’s weird and kind of rude to constantly speculate if a woman is pregnant.”

The HGTV star, 37, makes it clear that she is not expecting any more children in the future.  (Instagram/ErinNapier)

The HGTV star, 37, made it clear that she is not expecting any more children in the future. (Instagram/ErinNapier)

Napier and her husband have two daughters, 5-year-old Helen and 18-month-old Mae. And this isn’t the first time the mother has used her platform to speak her truth.

In an October 2022 appearance on the Urban development podcast, she explained that people have a distorted view of what their Mississippi town really looks like.

“We do have the internet, you know, contrary to what you might think about us now. We have shoes and teeth in Mississippi, and the internet,” she joked at the time. “I think one of the big misconceptions is that it’s podunk and it’s retarded. There’s podunk and retarded people in every square inch of this country. It’s not like a small town problem.”

“Small-town America has this really rich and flavorful story to tell,” Napier added, acknowledging that changing these perceptions is a big mission of the series. “We need to work extra hard to combat the stereotypes people already have about small town America.”

The couple certainly has their hands full this holiday season. In a Dec. 1 interview with Yahoo Life, the Napiers explained that they have a strict system when it comes to what Santa brings their daughters.

“She gets something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, and something to read — so four gifts each,” Napier explains. “The most humble will come from Santa Claus. It’s something we want to be aware of because I read somewhere about kids going to school after Christmas and compared what Santa brought them. And the kids who don’t have such a huge, extravagant gift, they wonder ‘doesn’t Santa love me so much?’ We’re trying to shift the focus.”

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