Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars in NFL Playoffs

The Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars would not be in the NFL playoffs if the postseason started today.

Other NFL teams may be hoping this continues through the final three weeks of the regular season.

The Lions and Jaguars are two of the hottest teams in the NFL right now after big wins in NFL Week 15.

Detroit defeated the New York Jets 20-17 and improved to 7-7 on the season. It was the Lions’ third straight win and sixth win in seven games.

The Jaguars defeated the Dallas Cowboys 40-34 in overtime. It was Jacksonville’s third win in four games (the loss in that span was coincidental to the Lions).

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The Lions are poised to make the playoffs as they are currently just behind the 7-6-1 Washington Commanders and the 7-7 Seattle Seahawks for the NFC’s final playoff berth ( Seattle wins a tiebreaker against Detroit).

They have three very winnable games left: at the Carolina Panthers, at home against the Chicago Bears and at the Green Bay Packers.

The Jaguars aren’t out of the postseason picture either, just one game behind the 7-7 Tennessee Titans in the AFC South Division race.

Jacksonville’s remaining schedule isn’t too scary either with games at the New York Jets and Houston Texans and then a potentially huge final game at home against the Titans.

The Lions were 1-6 at one point this season. The Jaguars were 2-6.

Can they complete their season changes by earning post-season berths?

See how we rank the Lions and Jaguars and the 30 other NFL teams heading into Week 16 of the 2022-23 season, from lowest to highest. Previous rank in brackets.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are moving up our NFL rankings.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are moving up our NFL rankings.

32. Houston Texans (32)

Lost to Chiefs in overtime, 30-24, to fall to 1-12-1. The Texans could have a say in the AFC South race with the Titans and Jaguars in the next two weeks.

31. Chicago Bears (30)

Lost to Eagles, 25-20, to fall to 3-11. Seven consecutive losses in Chicago, but Justin Fields does exciting things.

30. Arizona Cardinals (25)

Lost to Broncos, 24-15, to fall to 4-10. Arizona has lost four games in a row and we’re not sure it’s going to win another one this season.

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29. Indianapolis Foals (29)

Lost to Vikings in overtime, 39-36, to fall to 4-9-1. Yes, the collapse of the Colts against the Vikings was monumental, but how were they so strong in the first place?

28.Denver Broncos (31)

Defeat Cardinals, 24-15, to improve to 4-10. The win over the Cardinals ended a five-game losing streak for Denver.

27. Los Angeles Rams (28)

Early Week 15 Monday Night Football game vs. Packers with a 4-9 record.

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26. Atlanta Falcons (24)

Lost to Saints, 21-18, to fall to 5-9. The Falcons have the Ravens, Cardinals and Buccaneers left, so they still have a shot at the NFC South title.

25. Carolina Panthers (19)

Lost to Steelers, 24-16, to fall to 5-9. The Panthers have the Lions, Buccaneers and Saints left, as well as a shot at the NFC South title.

24. Saints of New Orleans (27)

Defeat Falcons, 21-18, to improve to 5-9. The Saints have the Browns, Eagles and Panthers left, so they’re also still in the NFC South race.

23.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (23)

Lost to Bengals, 34-23, to fall to 6-8. The Bucs are ahead of the rest of their division, trailing the Cardinals, Panthers and Falcons.

22. Las Vegas Raiders (26)

Defeat Patriots, 30-24, to improve to 6-8. The Patriots handed the Raiders a win on Sunday, which was the opposite of what Las Vegas appears to have done for other teams several times this season.

21.Pittsburgh Steelers (22)

Defeat Panthers, 24-16, to improve to 6-8. Pittsburgh has won three of its last four games to at least give itself some hope late in the season.

The Detroit Lions are rising in our NFL rankings.

The Detroit Lions are rising in our NFL rankings.

20. Cleveland Browns (21)

Defeat Ravens, 13-3, to improve to 6-8. Is Deshaun Watson really a much better option than Jacoby Brissett? The Browns offense is not good.

19. New England Patriots (16)

Lost to Raiders, 30-24, to fall to 7-7. We’re still trying to get our heads around that last game against the Raiders. The game was tied and New England played like they were losing.

18. Green Bay Packers (20)

Early Week 15 Monday Night Football game vs. Rams with a 5-8 record.

17. Tennessee Titans (17)

Lost to Chargers, 17-14, to fall to 7-7. This team has lost four straight games only to suddenly cling onto a playoff berth.

16. New York Jets (15)

Lost to Lions, 20-17, to fall to 7-7. The Jets’ path into the postseason won’t be easy with the Jaguars, Seahawks and Dolphins on tap.

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15. Seattle Seahawks (12)

Lost to 49ers, 21-13, to fall to 7-7. The Seahawks chose a really bad time to lose two games in a row and they play in Week 16 with the Chiefs.

14. Washington Commanders (10)

Lost to Giants, 20-12, to fall to 7-6-1. The Commanders’ road to the postseason got a lot tougher with the loss to the Giants, with the 49ers and Cowboys still on the schedule.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (18)

Defeat Cowboys in overtime, 40-34, to improve to 6-8. Too high for Jacksonville? The win over the Cowboys was impressive and the Jaguars are now in the middle of the AFC South race.

12. Miami Dolphins (9)

Lost to Bills, 32-29, to fall to 8-6. Three consecutive losses have made the playoff situation in Miami a lot more precarious than it needs to be.

11. New York Giants (14)

Defeat Commanders, 20-12, to improve to 8-5-1. The win over the Commanders was huge with the Vikings and Eagles as the Giants’ final three opponents.

10.Baltimore Ravens (8)

Lost to Browns, 13-3, to fall to 9-5. We’re giving this team a pass with Lamar Jackson, but the Ravens really need to beat the Falcons in Week 16.

9. Detroit Lions (13)

Defeat Jets, 20-17, to improve to 7-7. Too high for Detroit? The team’s only loss since Week 9 was a 28-25 loss to the Bills.

8. Los Angeles Chargers (11)

Defeat Titans, 17-14, to improve to 8-6. Two consecutive wins for Los Angeles make the Chargers’ playoff chances look much better.

7. Minnesota Vikings (7)

Defeat Colts in overtime, 39-36, to improve to 11-3. The Vikings’ epic comeback was impressive, but they should never have been in that position.

6. Dallas Cowboys (4)

Lost to Jaguars in overtime, 40-34, to fall to 10-4. Have they looked past the Jaguars or is Jacksonville just that good?

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5. Kansas City Leaders (3)

Defeat Texans in overtime, 30-24, to improve to 11-3. A win is a win, but the victory over the Texans in overtime failed to impress.

4. Buffalo Bills (2)

Defeat Dolphins, 32-29, to improve to 11-3. Yes, we dropped the bills after their win. Other teams were just more impressive.

3. Cincinnati Bengal (6)

Defeat Buccaneers, 34-23, to improve to 10-4. The Bengals have won six games in a row. That hot streak deserves to be rewarded.

2. San Francisco 49ers (5)

Defeat Seahawks, 21-13, to improve to 10-4. This team has won seven games in a row. We need to reward them for that dominance.

1.Philadelphia Eagles (1)

Defeat Bears, 25-20, to improve to 13-1. The Eagles are 7-0 on the road, but that mark will be put to the test this week in Dallas.

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