Delta Air Stock Flashed Renewed technical strength before it drops today

An important metric to look for in a stock is a relative strength score of 80 or higher. delta air (DAL) cleared that benchmark before the open on Tuesday, jumping from 67 to 81 on Tuesday. It differed from today’s open, but has since declined steadily, finding support near the 50-day line.


When looking for the best stocks to buy and keep an eye on, one factor to pay close attention to is relative price strength.

This unique assessment tracks market leadership by showing how a stock’s price action over the past 52 weeks compares to that of other stocks on major indices.

Decades of market research has shown that the biggest winners in the market often have an RS rating of 80 or higher when they enter their biggest price moves.

Looking for winning stocks? Try this simple routine

While now is not an ideal time to invest, you should see if the stock is going to form a base and break out. It is always best to wait for a stock pattern before investing.

While revenue growth fell from 94% to 53% last quarter, the bottom line grew 403%, up from 0% in the previous report. The company is expected to release its latest earnings and sales numbers on or around January 12.

Delta Air ranks fourth among its peers in the Transport-Airlines industry group. United Airlines (UAL) and Frontier Group Holdings (ULCC) are also among the group’s top-rated stocks.

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