Blake Corum Deserves Jim Harbaugh’s Highest Honor – A Frank Gore Comparison

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh is not one to make comparisons to past greats he has coached or played with during his career.

But when he does, you know he means it.

On Monday, Harbaugh bestowed one of the greatest honors he can on a player he currently coaches, comparing a player to Frank Gore. Harbaugh has been open about how much he valued Gore as a player in the past, giving him the label of his “favorite player ever.”

So when Blake Corum had his name and Gore’s in the same sentence, you know that Harbaugh’s feelings about his star going back are genuine.

“You can’t get anything from Blake Corum,” Harbaugh told media on Monday. “He’s always so focused. He’s like a chess player who thinks several moves ahead. Whether it’s protection, whether it’s blocking schemes, he knows what our blocking schemes are, he knows what the defense is. know what the blitzes are Not just who he has, but the others are very much like Frank Gore in that regard.

“Two excellent students of the game. Know the game, but also have a great feel for the game. There’s no doubt that Blake will, in my opinion, be on the same dance floor as Frank Gore in every way.”

Harbaugh was asked about Corum’s season and reiterated his belief that he should qualify for the Heisman Trophy. The statistics certainly do not lie when it comes to eligibility for the prestigious award.

He praised his running back even more, saying that he is the best running back he has coached at a collegiate level, including many great running backs during his coaching stints at Ann Arbor and Stanford.

Which again prompted him to include Corum and Gore in the same sentence.

“He definitely has an MVP season for us here in Michigan,” Harbaugh said. “It’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t be – the way he’s going to win the Heisman Trophy. Leading in touchdowns, leading in runs scored. Consistently really good every game. I’ve won quite a few fullbacks who have the Heisman Trophy and I bet Blake Corum is on pace and ahead of many of those backs who have won the Heisman Trophy I had a great running back at Stanford Toby Gerhart who finished second Blake has meant even more to this team in 2022 than “Toby did that season. There I go, making a comparison I should never do. Two great players. I always try to stay away from that.”

“With the exception of a few pro backs, the only exception would probably be Frank Gore who I have been able to coach. Blake is the best running back I have coached. He means so much. He has such a season. The best overall Frank Gore is walking back “But Blake has some years left. Still young. He definitely has the license and the ability, in my mind, to be as good as Frank Gore.”

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