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Score the perfect gift for toddlers of any age. (Photo: Amazon)

Some of our favorite things start as a recommendation from a friend. Whether they swear by a skincare gem, a must-have for cleaning, or just something to make dinner prep a little less tiring, we rely on the experts to give us the inside scoop on what really 5to work. Now imagine if you had access to the opinions of tens of thousands of friends from all different walks of life – when so many people are behind something, there’s no way it’s a dud. We’ve read plenty of reviews to bring you 10 beloved toys that the kids in your life are sure to love, from classic Legos to the 90s favorite Tamagotchi. All under $25, they’re perfect for stuffing into socks and tossing under trees. Skip your Christmas shopping early this year so you don’t have to worry about shipping deadlines later!


Shashibo shape-shifting box

Amazon’s No. 1 best-selling toy is deceptively simple: It’s a multi-colored fidget cube. However, it’s much more than that: it can transform into 70 shapes and offers enough challenge that even adults will be shocked.

$25 at Amazon

“I had to buy one for each of my kids as an early Christmas present at our family Christmas party,” said one excited customer, who saw it from a child life specialist. “They love it, my 8 year old says it can make a lot of satisfying shapes. Even the teens cousins ​​wanted to spend some time with this “thing is so cool”. I mean nothing like something so entertaining without electronics! All ages!”

“I had a pair of Tamagotchi growing up and now I get to share it with my son,” one happy shopper (one of over 10,000) shared. “Very excited for Christmas!”


Orsen LCD writing tablet

$22$28Save $6

This tablet gives kids a mess-free way to draw and color without their artwork spilling over the walls. There’s virtually no cleanup and the pen is attached to the board so it won’t get lost.

$22 at Amazon

“My kids stopped crayoning after I got this,” said one of the 6,600 5-star customers. “This is an excellent tool to keep your kids busy with writing, drawing and stuff like that. And you don’t have to worry about erasing everything!”

One of over 36,000 satisfied shoppers commented, “My kids have gone in and out with Lego over the years. One thing’s for sure though, you can never go wrong getting someone a box of Lego!”

“I have two daughters and they love the show Bluey,” shared one of the nearly 15,800 5-star reviewers. “My husband and I love it too. It’s so wholesome and heartbreakingly cute…The quality of Bingo is amazing. people love it.”

“This was THE perfect gift!” noted one customer. “It has so many different little toys and my granddaughter really enjoyed opening the eggs to find the surprise inside! Very cute little toys.”


The original reversible octopus cuddly toy

$7$15Save $8

This is a popular octopus – it has been viewed more than 358.3 million times on TikTok! It is reversible and is meant to adapt to the owner’s mood. The number 1 bestseller comes in 44 different colors and prints, as well as different faces.

$7 at Amazon

“My 2-year-old son and I use these toys to discuss feelings and turn them into a game,” said one of the nearly 76,000 5-star shoppers. “It also helps him get out of a mood faster because he wants the octopus to be happy and I always make sure it suits his mood.”


LeapFrog Scout and Violet book with 100 words

$20$37Save $17

If you prefer to give the kids something educational, this Leap Frog makes a great gift for preschoolers. With lots of games and even bilingual learning, the No. 1 Amazon bestseller is sure to be a hit. Save almost 50% now.

$20 at Amazon

Shares one of over 101,000 5-star reviewers: “I got my nephew for his birthday when he was 1 or 2 years old (he’s 5 now). He loved it and played with it every day! I can honestly say that I think it helped with learning words! This version of the 100 dictionary is my favorite because it has so many everyday words and different categories! I am currently buying one for my niece for her 1st birthday and will eventually buy one for my son if he turns one!”

Shared one of 6,600 5-star reviewers: “We played this with our 10-22 year olds and we laughed so hard. It helped us bond, see who’s paying attention and figure out who we’re talking to spend more money at Christmas!”

Even adults love it! Shares a customer: “I’m 48, I loved making these bracelets as a young girl. I find myself needing to relax more, I’m really happy to know I’ll need a piece of tape to tie my strings longer. love it! Makes a great gift for anyone age!”

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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